Centering:The Pot and the Potter 2014

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Centering for me is here and now.
It’s an expression of Wahoo….
A feeling of completeness inside,
when nothing can blow you outside,
Everything seems so pleasant
it’s when you are not future, past
But just the present.

The Touch of Clay
Till we become a Buddha
& take a beautiful form
out of our clay
the existence will wedge us on
the times wheel
passing through the circles of
births & deaths since eternity.
The potter will explore his creativity

A Potter’s Dynamic
The chaotic breath wobbles,
as the soil wobbles on the wheel at first.
Second step goes catharsis
when the potter wedges clay
to make air outburst.
Third goes the pulling up of both
Hu Hu Hu…
Everything stops to watch
whether the clay body is centered or not…
The 5th
goes dancing when the pot
is ready to take off…

The Creative Life – Painting, Poetry and Pottery







Sundaram or Beauty is a trait of the ultimate experience.
To see beauty in ourselves.
To see beauty in others.
To feel that undercurrent, the deep flow – The life force
Manifesting this life force through creativity is Divine Expression.


25th to 31st Aug 2012 (arrival on 24th)
Osho Nisarga Meditation Center, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
Please book in advance: +91-9418037370 (9.30 AM to 5 PM)


This retreat is for meditators who wish to create
and for creative people who wish to meditate.
We will be experimenting with two aspects –

We begin by experiencing the Art Process as a meditative tool.
As a technique for releasing life energies through different art forms.
The joy of expressing and not judging.
Becoming the process of creation without goals.
The process is the key.

ZEN ART – When true meditation happens,
one does not have a choice but to overflow, to become creative.
Here we practice different meditations.
And create from that space.
The meditative space being more important than any art technique.

The way of the artist is a beauty-full and playful way to realization.

Come, be drunk and share the Divine!