Developing Substantially! Choosing Substantial-ability!

Forces of Ecstasy
Forces of Nature
Forces of Human Capability
Forces of Creation and Destruction
All come together

Forcing into Action
Though I have already learned
The Balance
Staying at “Zero”
Acceptance, Love, Tolerances,
Bliss, Fullness, Beauty,
Awareness, Wisdom, Vitality
Yet, I’am pulled and pushed
Into responding and on occasion Continue reading


Andretta Pottery – another studio in the Himalayas


Visited friends yesterday.
Road trip, some 50 Km to Palampur area, to a small (but famous!) village called Andretta. It’s on the tourist map, thanks to the Shobha Singh Art Gallery and The Andretta Pottery Studio.

We do a day trip from Dharamshala to Andreatta as part of the 21 day workshop on meditation and pottery.
It’s an interesting experience to sit on traditional kick wheels and use terracotta clay. In a very village style environment!

Andretta is a production studio which also teaches pottery during a 3 month workshop once every year. This is more than just a workshop, as you get to stay in a beautiful house in the village with Mini and Mary. The house is filled with books on pottery, pots from great potters from around the world. Mansimiran Singh is the son of Gurucharan Singh (the father of pottery in India). Here is also one of the only museums on the theme of Pottery in India.  A small shop where you can pick up pots, cups, vases is a treat for all the regular tourist groups visiting.

There is also a toy train that has a station at the nearby village – Panchrukhi (2Km from Andretta)

In Andretta is also a lovely mud building (made in the traditional mud construction styling) used as a writer’s retreat. Norah Richards was a British lady, far ahead of her times. She came to India and had a dream of setting up an artist community in this village. Here a little history about the place –

Centering:The Pot and the Potter 2014

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Centering for me is here and now.
It’s an expression of Wahoo….
A feeling of completeness inside,
when nothing can blow you outside,
Everything seems so pleasant
it’s when you are not future, past
But just the present.

The Touch of Clay
Till we become a Buddha
& take a beautiful form
out of our clay
the existence will wedge us on
the times wheel
passing through the circles of
births & deaths since eternity.
The potter will explore his creativity

A Potter’s Dynamic
The chaotic breath wobbles,
as the soil wobbles on the wheel at first.
Second step goes catharsis
when the potter wedges clay
to make air outburst.
Third goes the pulling up of both
Hu Hu Hu…
Everything stops to watch
whether the clay body is centered or not…
The 5th
goes dancing when the pot
is ready to take off…