Sabine and Khatri at the Talking Clay Ceramic Studio


New students at the Talking Clay Studio last month. A lovely family of 6 visited the studio. A mix of Nepali and Swiss folk. Of varied age group. It was a first for the studio to welcome young people. 2 of the family are young and learnt the 3 basic handbuilding techniques – Moti (11) and Mary (15). It was absolutely delightful to show wheel work to Sabine and Khatri (Catharine). The 2 swiss sisters. They loved clay work and enjoyed finding a new activity to do together. They hope to learn further in Nepal/Switzerland. Here are some pics of the time we shared and their creations. You can see some of the work they are involved in in Nepal on their website


The Way of the Artist


The Way of the Artist – drinking and sharing the divine!

On the Path of Meditation/Awareness/Technicality the technique and skill level is important. You will need to be very focused on artistic technicalities. Become skillful at the chosen medium of art. Perfection will become your goal.

A student of the art of Pottery will be asked to make and break all pots till a day comes when the teacher sees perfection. Only then do they allow the student to fire the pot. It’s like their graduation ceremony. Like saying yes you’ve picked up the techniques. You are skilled in the art of pottery. This is the method of Practice. Every day you might dedicate an hour or 5 to your art form. Therefore the correct teacher is necessary on this path. To guide and be aware of when the student’s work has transformed. And the student has become an Artist.

On the Path of Love/Surrender/Totality the medium of art is used more playfully. Just whatever comes you create. No need to think about wrong or right. The process of art is based on a non-judgmental attitude with full acceptance of whatever is getting created. This is where we say all of us are born Artists. Playful like children. Painting, singing or dancing with no judgments.

The artist comes to a place, where everything created looks divine. The eyes and how they look have transformed. The being has transformed.
As the journey culminates, on either of the paths, you may find yourself criss crossing these paths once or even a couple of times before you realize they are the same.

So from this point on, everything starts getting created on its own. Like a happening. And that’s when the creator and creation become one.

This way
The Way of the Artist
Is a beauty-full and playful way to drink and share the Divine!

Waiting for Perfection?

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We had a discussion about this.
My boyfriend and me.
You see we are both Potters.
And I dont like using this term but well..yes we are both Meditators.

We met at a meditation center 6 years ago. Love happened, we quit our jobs, gave up the house  and started travelling. We dedicated time and energy to our meditation practice and to travelling. We mixed them up and then came pottery. It just happenned a few years ago. And we got addicted.

Back to what we had a discussion over!

Well, we are very different. Our methods are different.

Method = Meditation method/technique/path and also Method = Pottery method

He makes them and breaks them. Pots!
For him the process is complete.  He is not attached to them.
It is not an easy choice for beginners to break their first few cylinders.
He has been comfortable with this way from the start. This is his way.

Now there is another method of teaching pottery –

“Keep breaking them till you get them perfect!”

You keep making them and breaking them till you achieve perfection!
They call this the Zen way of Pottery!

Sometimes beginners have to make 100’s of cups before they get to glaze and fire their first.

Talking to many of my potter friends, I realized that this was the method they were taught by.

I was introduced to pottery by a teacher who encourages all beginners to fire all their pots.
Even when I disliked the piece I had made, the teacher would show me something unusual about it. She showed me how to look at it with new eyes.

I enjoyed making it, glazing it and firing it!
I love the pieces I made when I started. The above slideshow shows them. The first pinched bowl.
The first cylinder which was turned into an aromatherapy lamp.

I find that when we make art from a space of not knowing too much about the medium. When we are innocent to what is good or bad (which is introduced to us). When we create from that innocence. Those pieces are very authentic. If we have the eyes to see them, we see ourselves in them.

I enjoy uniqueness. Living who we are in this moment.
And anything we create is a perfect expression of this moment.

What is your method?