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Just out of the kiln. Super happy with the results. My latest project –

Other than potting this is what we are upto –

Looking for a domestic help.

We try to be fair and socially correct by calling the maid a domestic help and not servant. Nothing wrong with the word servant but over years the word has a certain negative context. I enjoy work, including doing dishes and cleaning the house. But not many people do. Does anyone want to become a servant professionally? Some want to run companies that do housekeeping. But no child will say, I want to be a servant when I grow up. Does anyone in Asia want to become President/Prime Minister as a young child?

As educated people we choose to change that and be more inclusive and begin with using different words to address them. We call them domestic help/maids/bai not servant since childhood.

In my family the domestic help has been given so much power that on ocassion I see them choose to rule through it. They start believing they are the queens and kings without the education. Higher eduction for all in this country not just beti bachao beti bardaho campaign. They will run after the girl child to educate her and the educated girl adult will run after the government. More women in governance for sure. Also night education for working adults.

Btw, my maid decided to take off for a month. In the process of looking for a maid. Busy with my project 😀