The Way of the Artist


The Way of the Artist – drinking and sharing the divine!

On the Path of Meditation/Awareness/Technicality the technique and skill level is important. You will need to be very focused on artistic technicalities. Become skillful at the chosen medium of art. Perfection will become your goal.

A student of the art of Pottery will be asked to make and break all pots till a day comes when the teacher sees perfection. Only then do they allow the student to fire the pot. It’s like their graduation ceremony. Like saying yes you’ve picked up the techniques. You are skilled in the art of pottery. This is the method of Practice. Every day you might dedicate an hour or 5 to your art form. Therefore the correct teacher is necessary on this path. To guide and be aware of when the student’s work has transformed. And the student has become an Artist.

On the Path of Love/Surrender/Totality the medium of art is used more playfully. Just whatever comes you create. No need to think about wrong or right. The process of art is based on a non-judgmental attitude with full acceptance of whatever is getting created. This is where we say all of us are born Artists. Playful like children. Painting, singing or dancing with no judgments.

The artist comes to a place, where everything created looks divine. The eyes and how they look have transformed. The being has transformed.
As the journey culminates, on either of the paths, you may find yourself criss crossing these paths once or even a couple of times before you realize they are the same.

So from this point on, everything starts getting created on its own. Like a happening. And that’s when the creator and creation become one.

This way
The Way of the Artist
Is a beauty-full and playful way to drink and share the Divine!


The Creative Life – Painting, Poetry and Pottery







Sundaram or Beauty is a trait of the ultimate experience.
To see beauty in ourselves.
To see beauty in others.
To feel that undercurrent, the deep flow – The life force
Manifesting this life force through creativity is Divine Expression.


25th to 31st Aug 2012 (arrival on 24th)
Osho Nisarga Meditation Center, Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh, INDIA
Please book in advance: +91-9418037370 (9.30 AM to 5 PM)


This retreat is for meditators who wish to create
and for creative people who wish to meditate.
We will be experimenting with two aspects –

We begin by experiencing the Art Process as a meditative tool.
As a technique for releasing life energies through different art forms.
The joy of expressing and not judging.
Becoming the process of creation without goals.
The process is the key.

ZEN ART – When true meditation happens,
one does not have a choice but to overflow, to become creative.
Here we practice different meditations.
And create from that space.
The meditative space being more important than any art technique.

The way of the artist is a beauty-full and playful way to realization.

Come, be drunk and share the Divine!