Developing Substantially! Choosing Substantial-ability!

Forces of Ecstasy
Forces of Nature
Forces of Human Capability
Forces of Creation and Destruction
All come together

Forcing into Action
Though I have already learned
The Balance
Staying at “Zero”
Acceptance, Love, Tolerances,
Bliss, Fullness, Beauty,
Awareness, Wisdom, Vitality
Yet, I’am pulled and pushed
Into responding and on occasion Continue reading

A day of Art and Culture in New Delhi

A Beauty-full day spent in Delhi! Kendo and Samurai talk/Demo, Japanese Musical instruments exhibition at The Japan Foundation, Photo exhibition of Dancers/dance forms from around the world, Ceramic exhibition at the Visual Arts Gallery in IHC and finally ended the evening at Nehru Park : Bhakti Sangeet !!! 1a 3a 4a 5a 6a 7a