Karl Blossfeldt – mixing the artistic and the scientific

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It is often said by artists –
‘I’m inspired by nature and natural forms’

Here is some ‘Natural Inspiration’ from the past.

Inspiring photography.
Inspiring Man !
A person who was a scientist (making his own camera), photographer, sculptor, teacher and artist.

In today’s world, it is not often found.
This mixing of the artistic and the scientific.
Of logic and not so logical!

Google ‘Karl Blossfeldt’ to find the most amazingly taken pictures of forms of flowers and leaves.

Karl Blossfeldt (June 13, 1865 – December 9, 1932 – age 67) was a German photographer, sculptor, teacher, and artist who worked in Berlin, Germany. He is best known for his close-up photographs of plants and living things, published in 1929 as, Urformen der Kunst.[1] He was inspired, as was his father, by nature and the way in which plants grow. He believed that ‘the plant must be valued as a totally artistic and architectural structure.’