Conscious Selling

It’s such a ‘going outward’ activity for someone to sell. At a shop, perhaps, waiting for the next potential customer to come by and show interest. Talking to them about my work/product and the art process behind each piece. Giving them some time and space to consider buying without pressure. Sometimes entertaining two customers at the same time.

How do you make sure you do sales in the most conscious way, with the best intentions at heart? Without competing with the neighbour or opposite shop, perhaps, selling a similar product. Always putting your best foot forward. The most conscious way of selling. On ocassion, being available quietly for the customer, when they are looking or interested in/admiring the product. They might choose something and conversate with you about it. Might take a picture to show their husband/wife/friends or might immediately make up their minds to purchase it.

Conscious selling – the whole approach is very outward. Being available for the best. The intention is not sale but best for both self and customer. As you have already created the best possible product (good quality, eco friendly, organic, sustainable etc.) And have put it up on a shelf/display with the most reasonable price. You can only be available as someone present in that space in waiting. With no pressure on the self to make the sale. And no outward pressure to buy the product. In the most possitive and social way possible. Open to conversation.

Keeping the pricing reasonable/affordable and ‘fair trade’ is important. Along with cost and profit calculations, one easy way to judge is asking yourself how much you yourself would like to pay at a shop as a buyer of the same.

On making the sale, it’s best to have other employees/another person packing the product and billing while you can conversate and network/get to know your customer better.

If your neighbours are aggressive. Then minding your own business is your way of ‘peace’. Unless you want to invade their shop with some nuclear missiles!! šŸ™‚

Perhaps you have read or heard that sales should be customer centeric or ‘customer before self’. If you truly are customer centeric in a TOTAL way, you will end up gifting the product to the customer. Why charge them at all? (If you only think of their best).

The right approach/word should be conscious sale. A more wholesome and balanced ‘self and customer centeric’ approach.

Perhaps the ‘customer-centeric’ technique/approach is more important as a training/teaching/learning tool/way for begginers on the journey towards conscious selling.

There is always a unique understanding/answer to each sales situation. All answers are not here in this article ofcourse. And we do the best we can every moment.

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