Talking Brand Consciousness – ‘Do you Pot?’

Brand Identity/Awareness/Consciousness.
Talking Economic-Social-Political-Response-Ability.

Though I had studied branding during my Design Education; I never at that point imagined, that Brands get created this way.

So. I represent myself as an artist – Through my artwork and then also through my design work (when I create the catalogues/brochures/other print material or even the website for that matter).

Some years ago the tag line ‘Do you Pot?’ something that came while I was sketching this educational book called ‘Soulmates and a Pot’.

Selling & Marketing my own Art Work (And on occasion wondering if I should find myself a professional representative) and also branding it now.

The Branding of my own work developed further with the same tag line ‘Do you Pot?’. And though it’s a fairly controversial term ‘Pot’ (‘Cause it could mean various things depending on interpretation and an individual’s context/attitude/perspective); I have used it more for its humorous and though-provoking reason.

Note to myself: I had seen the DOPE brand for the first time on tele, sometime last month. I wished to buy some DOPE-wear online. I found the official website and was surprised to find designer-wear at affordable prices. It provoked me to read further into what & how; basically more about the brand itself. And the memory of ‘Do you Pot?’ came up. I had completely forgotten about having used it in the ‘Picture book for adults – ‘Soulmate and a Pot’.

So I went online and ordered myslelf  two Tote Bags and a Hoodie with – ‘Do you Pot?’

Sharing some pictures.

“Only the Cleanest/Purest Ones
Can Represent
A controversial statement
‘Do you Pot?’ ” I explained to some people asking me questions at the Delhi Potter’s Bazaar 2015.



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