Developing Substantially! Choosing Substantial-ability!

Forces of Ecstasy
Forces of Nature
Forces of Human Capability
Forces of Creation and Destruction
All come together

Forcing into Action
Though I have already learned
The Balance
Staying at “Zero”
Acceptance, Love, Tolerances,
Bliss, Fullness, Beauty,
Awareness, Wisdom, Vitality
Yet, I’am pulled and pushed
Into responding and on occasion

(Reacting is not accepted in meditative beings!)

Where the entire
Sannyas Community, Political, Legal, Religious, Socio-Economic,
Human Development, Industry, Gender Equality, Peace Keeping Forces
Zen Practitioners, Women Religious Leaders of the Universe, War-Fare
Other Enlightened lifeforms
Younger generations
Including the children yet to be born
(Through conscious choice)
Are all pulling, pushing and pressurizing
For this Equilibrium
Choosing Substantial-ability!


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