Centering:The Pot and the Potter

A small group of friends going deeper
through pottery and Osho meditations.

A very sensitive individual process,
involving the elements – Earth, Water and Fire.

20 days of going through the entire pottery cycle –
Preparing the clay, centering on the wheel, creating shapes,
firing the pots and glazing.

And then finally taking home
and sharing the pots created!


3 hours working on the wheel every day.

Turning wheel
Still hands
A silent communion



Inspired by the Whirling meditation.
Making a sculpture of a sufi whirling figure.

Whirling in the mandir
Whirling in my dreams
Circles and Ripples
Dervish in the making!


First firing –

White Raw pots emerge from the depths of the Kiln – fired to a bisque.

I am
A raw pot
In the hands of the master
In waiting…


Quickly we colour our pots before we put them into the fire again.
50 pots all glazed and ready for the final firing in 2 days!

Churing the Glaze
Buckets of Colours
Pots of Fun!


10 hours of firing to 1280 degrees celcius – 18 hours of cooling.

Taking their own sweet time to cool
shattering all expectations
Of the artist who coloured
Shining smiling pots,
Have a secret to tell.




So much surprise and excitement looking at them
once they are out of the Kiln.

Aah’s! and Oo’s!
Cups and Bowls



Just outside the studio.
Spending some moments with the creations.




The pots are ready to go on their own journey.

Some gifted, some treasured.
Wow! the 20 days are already over!





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