Attached to Art?

Sometimes I come across artists who want to decide who buy’s their art.
Are ‘they’ good enough to buy it? To understand it?
Sometimes artists feel that no one can understand their art except themselves.

What do we do when we feel attached to the piece of Art we have created?













I feel quite comfortable if the pot breaks after being used sufficiently.

It’s a little less comfortable if it breaks as soon as it comes out of the kiln (while transferring to another location)

The actual process of working with clay is always such a learning experience.
And during that, there are plenty of cracks, breaks. But that’s how it is!

Beyond being morally/spiritually correct – ‘Letting Go’ of our creations

My experience is that we usually either overly express our sorrow on loosing a pot
or we end up suppressing the feeling all together (usually when we are trying to be morally or spiritually CORRECT)

What I learnt is the way to breakthrough is to be aware of our feelings/thoughts.

Basically what is left behind if we do not overly express

or suppress the feelings/thoughts is awareness.

Acknowledging how we feel.

Being aware of how we feel.

Not talking about the feeling

but Living the Feeling.

And it’s amazing how it changes to Joy!


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